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Donation Supporter Badge - Bumper Sticker - Gold

Donation Supporter Badge - Bumper Sticker - Gold

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The shop prices are set to help maximize the benefit to these heroes. Proceeds go directly to the care & rehabilitation of these K9 warriors. So, please wear your gear as a badge of support to the Warrior Dogs.

"These dogs have saved countless lives and prevented innumerable horrific injuries."

- Mike Ritland


Warrior Dog Blecky's Bio:

MWD Blecky is a Belgian Malinois that served in the US Air Force before retiring to the Warrior Dog Foundation in 2019. “Having the Warrior Dog Foundation as a resource for my partner has been huge for not only his transition into retirement but also being allowed to live a life after being a military working dog. Without the Warrior Dog Foundation my partner would not be alive today, healing and enjoying retirement.” – Blecky’s Former Handler



Show everyone who you support with the WDF Donation Supporter Badge. Every donation supports each and every Warrior at the Ranch.

Donation Supporter Badge - Bumper Sticker: Bronze

  • Waterproof
  • Available in 4"x4"
  • 3 Tiers
  • Wipes Clean
  • Great for any surface

Founded by Mike Ritland, the Warrior Dog Foundation was created to provide a safe haven for our nation's retired four-legged heroes to live out their days receiving the proper care and rehabilitation they deserve. Wear your Warrior Dog Foundation gear with pride, knowing you are supporting those who spent their lives protecting us and our nation's freedom.

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Dianne Bourque
Do it for the Dogs!

When you purchase the Donation Supporter Badge you get a lovely, high-quality bumper sticker, but more importantly you get to help the Warrior Dog Foundation re-pay just a tiny bit of what those beautiful Warrior Dogs have done for all of us. Highly recommend.