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Warrior Dog Foundation Snapback Hat with Leather Patch - Gray

Warrior Dog Foundation Snapback Hat with Leather Patch - Gray

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The shop prices are set to help maximize the benefit to these heroes. Proceeds go directly to the care & rehabilitation of these K9 warriors. So, please wear your gear as a badge of support to the Warrior Dogs.


"These dogs ask for nothing from us & provide so much for our troops, police officers, community, and nation."

- Mike Ritland


Warrior Dog Griz's Bio:

Griz is a Dutch Shepherd imported to the USA from the Czech Republic. He is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, apprehension, and handler protection. Griz has had several successful tracks and street apprehensions of criminals.


Warrior Dog Foundation Snapback with Leather Patch - Gray

  • Hi-Pro Shape
  • Acrylic-wool blend/polyester mesh
  • Flat visor
  • Warrior Dog Foundation logo prominently displayed on the leather patch
  • Sweatband Cotton


Founded by Mike Ritland, the Warrior Dog Foundation was created to provide a safe haven for our nation's retired four-legged heroes to live out their days receiving the proper care and rehabilitation they deserve. Wear your Warrior Dog Foundation gear with pride, knowing you are supporting those who spent their lives protecting us and our nation's freedom.

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Patrick Lucey
Great cause

Order arrived exactly as advertised, great quality and in a timely fashion.

In my opinion this is a great cause and I can't believe that the government trains these dogs to be what they are and then when they are too injured or to old to work they want to euthanize them. This should get more light shed on the subject and I'm sure it would motivate a major portion of the population, especially animal lovers, to act.


George Trearchis

Great quality and came on time…